art direction for artist film 2

Art Direction for Film About an Artist

So here we go again. I worked with the fabulous Black Powder Works team on the 2015 72 hour film contest here in NYC. The film happened to be about an artist, so I lent my sketch artist skills to the task!


Black Powder Works 2015 “Rough Sketch” for the 72 Hour Film Contest NYC

Dir. Jeremy Hansen / Daniel Kim

Prod. Danielle Knight

wacky art teacher character for film

art department nyc drawings

72 hour film fest 2015

art direction for artist film 2

production design custom art nyc

production design nyc artist

easels and drawing boards for film

sketch artist for film ny

sketch artist for film nyc

We were under pressure, so being able to draw pretty quick helped a lot, especially as the plot got changed around on set and so the drawings had to be modified.

artist drawings for film

film about an artist nyc

artwork for film nyc

I offered some of my own paintings and canvas stretchers to be used as filler backgtound props.artist film nyc

art for film nyc

art direction for artist film 4

They were doing a shot that encircled the students at the drawing class, where the camera went over all their shoulders. So I drew on my experience in art school and teaching art class to set up the easels and advise on the materials that they would normally use. Every detail down to the egg timer. The drawings were made so that the angle changed as the camera moved, because that’s how it works in real life. Wherever a student is positioned in the room is a different angle from other students, so you aren’t actually all drawing the same thing. You are drawing all different parts of one class scene nyc

art classroom scene for nyc film

The directors, looking classroom setup for film

Quick sketches. I had to keep re-drawing them because the actors were drawing over them with each re-shoot, which resulted in the pictures becoming messier and messier instead of fresh and natural. It was a time crunch, but I did what I could to try and make sure the sketches looked realistically done and gave the actors something to work with.