Art Direction for Short Film NYC | art studio and paintings for film


I was brought on to this short film project to style a “messy artist studio/apartment” scene, and lent my paintings for use in the film. After a last minute change of script and a prop/subject drop out, I painted a portrait of one of the main characters in half an hour before the shoot for the revised script.


One of my large paintings used as a backdrop. I’ve studied painting since 3 years old, and can emulate every style from realism to abstract.


Messy apartment set dressed for the film.



Variety of paintings set up along the sidewalk in Brooklyn for our one outdoor scene. The shoot was challenging because the sunlight kept ducking behind clouds, but the day was saved during close-ups when we used one of the bigger canvases to shade the actors’ faces.


Not a bad resemblance for a 30 min speed painting?


For this close up shot, our PA and Pyrotechnician, Mark was off-screen holding one of the bigger canvases over the guy’s head, keeping him evenly shaded and keeping the glaring sun from making sharp shadows on his face. Dual purpose props!