Lee Milby is a film and music video director with a fine art education. After studying at The Cooper Union School for the Advancement of Science and Art, Lee’s work was exhibited in art shows across New York City, including a solo exhibition at Webster Hall. Unfortunately, she developed an allergy to oil paint and her promising career as a fine artist came to a sudden halt.

She put down the paint brush and picked up a camera, becoming an event “videographer” covering NYC nightlife. She managed a film studio and art production shop called Shop Studios, and eventually became a director. Her recent TV pilot, “Cicatrix” has won accolades and awards both nationally and internationally.

As a storyboard artist, Lee illustrates from a director’s point of view, considering focal length, lens distortion, lighting, performance, set dressing, wardrobe styling, blocking, and much more. She can emulate any drawing style (including cartoon) as long as production provides a clear visual reference.

Lee creates storyboards for commercial advertisements, concept art, beat boards, and shooting boards for narrative films.