Reality TV Show Style Webseries

Before I became manager of Shop Studios, I was initially hired to shoot and edit a reality-tv style webseries featuring the owners and employees of the company.

The webseries was considered for distribution by ABC.

Today I have a much more thorough production kit that includes professional DSLR cameras and audio gear, but this webseries was a great experience finding ways to edit diverse, often disparate content into a followable story.

The owner of the studio takes the crew on a wild journey through Times Square for a spontaneous PR stunt. Crazy things like this were always happening, and it was my job to drop whatever I was doing and follow all the action with whatever camera equipment was within arm’s reach.

During this episode, the company was occupied with producing three big projects simultaneously, flawlessly completing each one despite the combined chaos. This was one of the more challenging and long-term episodes to put together (not only because I was managing all of these projects). I had to be careful to capture enough content of the entire beginning to end processes in order to show not only the chaos of multitasking, but to follow the entire creative process from Client acquisition to concept execution.

This episode features popular fitness model, Steve Rowe during his promotional photoshoot. No matter what we were shooting, I always tried to capture a kind of humor with the content and showcase everyone’s unique personalities to keep things interesting.

Not exactly PC episode featuring a production assistant baking a popular home made cookie recipe at the studio. The company saved a lot of money on catering, due to their ability to bake and cook in-house. This was a fun experiment in making a quick cooking show with simple lower thirds and animations.

In this episode, the crew works tirelessly on an event design for a big client, during a historical moment in American history. Despite the low quality of the cameras available to shoot this on, I wanted to create an emotional comparison between the everyday, mundane nature of work and the landmark announcement that Obama was to be the first black president.

There were 16 episodes made for the series.