Violin Cover of Sam Smith by Yut & The Hot Four | Music Video Production

I shot, directed, and edited this simple music video for Yut & The Hot Four.

Yut created this original composition, bringing together two of Sam Smith’s most popular songs, “I’m Not the Only One” and “Stay With Me.”

Drum accompaniment is by international percussionist Tony Bojorquez.

Yut Chia and Yut & The Hot Four is the official band of The New York Times, and he is a finalist at Kollaboration NYC among other competitions.

This video was shot at Lukas Wronski’s Violing Shop in Manhattan.  He is a professional, distinguished luthier (violin maker) who creates beautiful custom violins of all size and shape. I was blown away by the variety of pieces he had in his shop! He is very accomplished, and Yut goes to him regularly for repairs and violin maintenance. Check out this video I found of him at work, here!

Many thanks to Lukas for letting us use his fabulous space for our video.


Here’s the long-shot edition of this video, all hand held with no stabilizer. I’d say it came out pretty darn smooth considering.